Sharon’s Shakshuka


About 2 cups of diced tomatoes

Diced medium bell pepper – you can opt to not add this if tomatoes are all you have and you’re too lazy to go out and buy one

2 medium sized onions, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced – but you can leave it just crushed and remove later if you have a nitpicky sister

2 T Extra virgin olive oil – it can just be plain olive oil, but I like the virgin one

1 tsp cumin powder

¼ tsp smoked paprika – you can add more, it’s just that I didn’t have more

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper – or a bird’s eye chili snapped in half and added before the eggs

Dash of cinnamon powder

½ tsp sugar

Salt and pepper to taste

2 eggs


Optional: chopped fried sausages



Heat the oil in a mid-sized pan over medium to low heat. Add the onion until it’s nearly translucent, then add the garlic. Stir about like you know what you’re doing, or until the onions are fully translucent, then add the salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, cinnamon, and sugar. Stir some more for about half a minute, then add in the diced tomatoes. Let the mixture simmer, stirring occasionally, making sure that nothing sticks on the bottom. As soon as the mixture thickens, crack the eggs on top of the tomato sauce and sprinkle some salt on top. You can make it runny and stir up the eggs into the sauce, or well-done and leave it cooking a bit more over low heat. Shakshuka is traditionally served on the skillet or pan it was cooked on.


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