Healthcare Professional Requirements in the GCC

If you’re a healthcare professional dreaming to get a job in the Gulf Cooperation Council region and you don’t know what the requirements are, wonder no more. I have a new article up on my business blog titled:

Requirements for a Healthcare Job in the GCC Countries

 What a novel idea, eh? Requires a lot of imagination, I just about died of dehydration.
“Adventure, exotic culture, a fast-growing economy – all of these make the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area an attractive region for migrant workers. According to the International Labor Organization, the number of migrant workers in the Arab States account for 35.6 percent of all workers in the region and it’s bound to grow in the next decade. The healthcare sector, in particular, has a lot of vacancies. There’s also a lot of competition for it, and if you want to be one of the lucky ones, you need to raise your game. Be open-minded and prepare yourself mentally for the application process. Educate yourself as to what the requirements are in getting a healthcare job in one of the GCC Countries.”
To read more, click here.
That post was necessitated by people not reading. They want the instructions coming with a bludgeon. Repeatedly. And after that, they will still comment on social media and say, “How?”

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